Living City

Jul 10, 2010No Comments

Responsive building information network Living City is a platform for buildings to talk to one another. It involves small modules that attach to existing building

Ripple Faucet

May 24, 2010No Comments

Intelligent faucet The Ripple Faucet offers a new way to interact with water. Drawing inspiration from the ripples on the water’s surface, the faucet creates


May 21, 2010No Comments

Interactive object-recognition surface The atracBar transforms the conventional counter, bar top or information desk into an illuminated interactive surface that will react to the objects


May 06, 2010No Comments

Anisotropic textured surface Neri Oxman visualizes, analyzes and reconstructs 2D natural micro-structural tissues into 3D macro-scale prototypes by computing hypothetical physical responses. She uses a


Apr 08, 2010No Comments

Sensing surface for interactive applications Sensetable is a hardware platform for creating an interactive digital experience on a tabletop surface. It senses the movements of


Feb 20, 2010No Comments

Digitally-fabricated Corian bench Vertebrae is a kit of parts that allows the construction of multi-scale objects that modify the spaces they inhabit. This piece, while

River Glow

Nov 27, 2009No Comments

Network of floating pods with public interface to water quality Developed by David Benjamin and Soo-in Yang, River Glow is a system of floating pods

White Noise White Light

Nov 24, 2009No Comments

Interactive fiber-optic field Meejin Yoon’s White Noise White Light was a temporary interactive light-and-sound installation commissioned and installed for the Athens 2004 Olympics. The project

Low Rez LED Net

Oct 18, 2009No Comments

Interactive double-sided LED media net Low Rez LED Net is part of a custom-built interactive public art installation consisting of a series of double-sided LED

Ombrae System

Sep 29, 2009No Comments

Sculptural imaging with optical tile Ombrae System is a patent-pending computer-based image-processing system that allows for any digital image to be embedded directly into any