Graphic Concrete

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Patterned precast concrete Graphic Concrete offers a new way to produce a patterned concrete surface. Graphic Concrete’s patented technology involves the application of a surface

SensiTile Terrazzo

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Light reactive concrete Comprised of a light-conducting matrix embedded within a substrate, SensiTiles transport light from one surface point to another by a process called

Pixel Panels

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Translucent concrete Developed by Bill Price, Pixel Panels are one manifestation of the broader family of products called Translucent Concrete and Transparent Concrete, all of


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Carbon dioxide absorbing cement Developed by John Harrison of TecEco, Eco-Cement is made by blending reactive magnesium oxide with conventional hydraulic cements. Mimicking nature, Eco-Cement


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Ultra-high performance concrete Ductal is a new material technology that offers ductility, strength, and durability while providing moldable products with a quality surface. Compressive strengths

Intaglio Composites

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Photographic imaging in concrete Employing a combination of chemistry, high-tech equipment, concrete expertise, and graphical technology, Intaglio Composites can permanently integrate any high resolution image


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High-volume fly-ash concrete Concrete, a universal construction material synonymous with strength and longevity, is relatively benign in nature. However, the production of Portland cement, which


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Recycled insulating concrete forms Faswall forms are used for building insulated reinforced concrete structures for both residential and commercial construction. The recycled wood chip–based cement


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Lightweight architectural stone Due to more stringent governmental regulations, the exhaustion of natural resources, and enhanced economic objectives, stone is being replaced by alternative materials


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Insulated concrete form Rastra panels are large building blocks with a grid of internal channels that serve as a stay-in-place wall form for residential and