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Concrete video screen PIXA, designed by Abhinand Lath, utilizes Sensitile Systems’ light-piping technologies to enable the placement of a precise grid of light guides within


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Light-transmitting concrete Litracon, a light-transmitting concrete developed by Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi, evoked a tremendous response within the international design community at the time of


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Glass fiber concrete FibreC is a light-weight, high performance concrete that requires no steel reinforcement. A special extrusion process incorporates layers of fiber glass into

Terrazzo Lumina

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Illuminated concrete surfaces Sensitile Terrazzo Lumina Slabs and Tiles are refined concrete surfaces designed to propate and emit light. Illumination travels within the concrete via


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Concrete building insulation system The Thermomass Building System is a pre-engineered, energy-efficient insulated concrete sandwich wall system developed by Composite Concrete Technologies. Thermomass is comprised


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Integral concrete waterproofing admixture and corrosion inhibitor Hycrete’s Element is an environmentally friendly admixture that integrally waterproofs concrete used in commercial construction. Certified Cradle-to-Cradle by


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Lightweight hollow biaxial concrete slab system BubbleDeck is a method of virtually eliminating all concrete from the middle of a floor slab not performing any

Self-Repairing Concrete

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Anti-corrosion, anti-cracking concrete The making of cement—the main ingredient in concrete—produces 8-10% of the world’s CO2. In fact, making one ton of cement generates one

12 Blocks

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Multifunctional concrete blocks The 12 Blocks bring innovation to a time-tested building component—the common concrete block. Each block has a unique sculptural profile that engages


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Sound-, light-, and air-pollution-absorbing highway barrier system In the United States there are over 46,800 miles (75,317 kilometers) of highways with sound-barrier walls being erected