July 2, 2017

3D printed polyamide seat

With the aid of 3D printing, designer Lilian van Daal’s Biomimicry chair represents a more sustainable alternative to the conventional furniture production practices of combining a variety of dissimilar materials with toxic adhesives. Based on the geometry of natural organisms, such as the strong yet lightweight structures of plant cells, van Daal’s design embodies multiple material properties using a single substance, without the need for adhesives. By varying the structure in several places, the designer achieves the myriad characteristics of load-bearing construction, micro and macro support, ventilation, and skin—all using polyamide material. Unlike traditionally manufactured seating, the monomaterial soft seat is also readily recyclable at the end of its functional life.

Contact: Lilian van Daal, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

For more information, see Transmaterial Next: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine Our Future


  1. Transmaterial II is a great catalog of the new materials and combinations of older ones for quick reference. It is thought provoking with succinct descriptions of products Brownell has come across in his research. Most of these products and materials are cataloged by single manufacturers, which is usually the only manufacturer as these are all innovative designs. Applicable to many industries, the book is laid out in sections: 01 Concrete, 02 Mineral, 03 Metal, 04 Wood, 05 Plastic + Rubber, 06 Glass, 07 Paint + Paper, 08 Fabric, 09 Light, and 10 Digital. One page per product with MasterFormat reference, pictures, synopsis, and an easy-to-follow rundown of product characteristics and contact info. Brownell came to lecture at my school and is quite thought-provoking and long-sighted. Great reference for any design student or professional. Can’t wait ’til the next edition.

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