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Rib-reinforced thin-wall structures When a thin-wall structure is loaded in compression, it eventually reaches a point of instability, where the wall buckles out of plane.

Temporal Light

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Electroluminescent wall tiles Rachel Wingfield’s Temporal Light is a tiling system designed to illuminate public and private spaces. The system utilizes knitted electroluminescent wire cast


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Topographic wool rug and wall covering Designed by Monika Piatkowski, Cityscape elevates the notion of conventional loop pile and knotted rugs to a new dimension,


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Translucent silica aerogel Manufactured by Cabot Corporation via a patented process, Nanogel is a lightweight, nanoporous material that delivers unsurpassed thermal insulation and light transmission.

Cast Resin

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Cast polyurethane and polyester resin Brooklyn-based Charles Hickok has developed techniques for casting polyurethane and polyester-based resins in a wide array of colors, hardnesses, and

Recycled Glass

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100% recycled glass As wine consumption rises, waste glass collections improve, and landfill charges continue to increase in the UK, there is a large and


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Recycled polyethylene panels Origins one hundred percent post-consumer recycled polyethylene panels provide an alternative to virgin polyethylene versions. Origins panels possess virtually identical properties compared

Pixel Panels

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Translucent concrete Developed by Bill Price, Pixel Panels are one manifestation of the broader family of products called Translucent Concrete and Transparent Concrete, all of


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Luminous acrylic ceiling panels Translucents acrylic infill panels add visual interest and luminosity to ceiling design. The panels accommodate both curved and flat ceiling systems,


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Carbon dioxide absorbing cement Developed by John Harrison of TecEco, Eco-Cement is made by blending reactive magnesium oxide with conventional hydraulic cements. Mimicking nature, Eco-Cement