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Cement based eco-composite Xposed is a refined cement-based eco-composite made from natural minerals and up to 25% post-industrial recycled content. Standard Slab materials are available


Ultradense concrete Concrete is an omnipresent material in

Oct 24, 2011

Light-Sensitive Concre...

Light-sensitive interface integrated within a concrete surface Light-Sensitive

Aug 13, 2011


Sensitive Apertures

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Cellular ceramic light apertures Sensitive Apertures is a modular slip-cast ceramic building skin designed to admit a small quantity of light through a refractive glass

Woven Stone

Profiled stone tile mosaic Woven Stone is part

Oct 31, 2011

Trigger Points

Therapeutic plaster moldings Massage therapists commonly work to

Aug 17, 2011


Photo-Engraved Aluminum

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Aluminum panel with permanent photographic transfer The focus of Intaglio Composites is the art of photographic transfer to materials. The company has developed a new,

Adaptive Shading

Customizable grid adaptive shading system For an architectural

Oct 17, 2011


Expanded metal mesh Amico’s APEX expanded metal mesh

Sep 07, 2011



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Laminated wood strip panel Plexwood is a wood-based surfacing panel composed of end grain and grain veneers, which are glued crosswise, creating a distinctive linear


High-contrast linear hardwood veneer panels Placage is a

Nov 15, 2011


Sustainable hardwood panels EcoLinea wood paneling is a

Oct 03, 2011

Plastic + Rubber


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Polymeric seamless mesh Kaynemaile is a seamless mesh composed of polymer rings. The advantage of the Kaynemaile process is its ability to create multiple elements

Jali Cascata Zari

Light refractive polymer sandwich panel Sensitile Systems’ Jali

Nov 29, 2011


Thermoplastic microspheres Unexpanded Expancel thermoplastic microspheres are small

Nov 04, 2011



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Glass brick KiloLux is a monolithic glass block with the appearance of a laminate produced by thermally bonding glass at low temperatures. Wales-based Innovative Glass


Layered cast glass Named after the way each

Dec 06, 2011

Mercury Glass

Hand-blown silvered glass Silvered glass “Mercury Glass” was

Nov 18, 2011

Paint + Paper


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Printing with bacteria A course at the Department of Microbiology at the University of Wageningen taught Jelte van Abbema how to handle bacteria and their


Corrugated cellulose sheet material Wellboard consists of 100%

Oct 10, 2011


Sound responsive wall modules The NONdesigns SOUND Wall,

Jul 01, 2011


Liminal Air

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Interior cloudscape Inspired by a cave visited at the foot of Mount Fuji, Shinji Ohmaki constructed an installation designed to render visible the air we


3D non-woven polyester textile Parametre is a lightweight,

Dec 21, 2011

Woven Horsehair

Textiles from horse hair weavings Marianne Kemp develops

Dec 10, 2011



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Interactive color changing light The Flip light is a fun and tactile new luminaire that changes color when it rotates. With no cords to tie

Light Art

Ecoresin-based lighting fixtures Light Art is a series

Dec 14, 2011


Interactive luminous landscape The Dune Project projects a

Nov 22, 2011



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Single shell photopolymer skin Monocoque stands for a construction technique that supports structural load using an object’s external skin. Contradictory to the traditional design of

Liquid Display

Ambient liquid-based screen The Liquid Display is an

Oct 28, 2011

3D-Printed Wellboard

3D-printed corrugated wooden material Wellboard is a lightweight,

Aug 20, 2011

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