Biological Concrete

Aug 20, 2017No Comments

Bio receptive concrete panels The Structural Technology Group at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) has developed a new type of concrete that supports the


Concrete-healing microbial patch BacillaFilla is an engineered microbial

Apr 16, 2017

Bendable Concrete

Ultra-ductile engineered cementitious composite Researchers at the University

Mar 26, 2017


Self-Healing Asphalt

Sep 10, 2017No Comments

Crack-repairing bitumen The asphalt binder in a roadbed is continually degraded by environmental forces such as solar ultraviolet rays. In time, the material loses its


Biologically grown masonry The standard architectural material palette

May 07, 2017

Stone Spray

3D printed mineral structures Stone Spray is a

Mar 12, 2017


Photo-Engraved Aluminum

Oct 21, 2011No Comments

Aluminum panel with permanent photographic transfer The focus of Intaglio Composites is the art of photographic transfer to materials. The company has developed a new,

Adaptive Shading

Customizable grid adaptive shading system For an architectural

Oct 17, 2011


Expanded metal mesh Amico’s APEX expanded metal mesh

Sep 07, 2011


Wood Foam

Sep 03, 2017No Comments

Wood-based insulation Researchers at the Brunswick, Germany–based Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research have developed a new wood-based insulation material that consists of foamed wood particles.


Artichoke thistle chair The artichoke thistle is an

Aug 06, 2017


Mossy wood encapsulated in resin Belluno, Italy–based design

Jun 18, 2017

Plastic + Rubber

Landscapes Within

Sep 17, 2017No Comments

Hybrid plastic and wood furniture Landscapes Within is a collection of furniture that contains visible inclusions of natural materials, combining the traditional craft of basketry


Recycled HDPE vessels Plag represents designer Waël Seaiby’s

Aug 13, 2017

Self-Healing PUU

Self-healing poly(urea-urethane) elastomer Self-healing plastics automatically restore themselves

Jul 30, 2017


Switchable Mirror

May 21, 2017No Comments

Electrochromic mirror window Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have developed a mirror that quickly shifts between reflective and transparent


3D-printed optically transparent glass From the discovery of

Feb 19, 2017


Bioreactor facade system SolarLeaf is the world’s first

Feb 05, 2017

Paint + Paper

Self-Folding Paper

Jun 25, 2017No Comments

Transformable polymer composite paper Self-Folding Paper is a paper surface that transforms when heated, automatically generating intricate multidimensional structures. Labeled thermocatalytic metafolds by mechanical engineer

E Ink Prism

Programmable color ink tiles Buildings consist primarily of

May 14, 2017


Printing with bacteria A course at the Department

Dec 24, 2011


3D Weaver

Aug 27, 2017No Comments

Three-dimensional woven textiles The 3D Weaver is a loom that produces three-dimensional textiles. Developed by designer Oluwaseyi Sosanya, the loom creates resilient textile structures in


Pollution-triggered dye Palladium chloride, or PdCl2, is a

Apr 30, 2017


Pattern-changing textile Chromosonic is a programmable electronic, color-

Jan 22, 2017


Ball Wall

Jul 09, 2017No Comments

Light-harvesting drawing surface The Ball Wall is an interactive light surface that allows visitors to map gestures by spinning an array of low-friction balls treated


Solar display interface LightByte is an interactive optical

Jun 11, 2017


Interactive LED panel system Mnemosyne is a modular

May 28, 2017



Jul 23, 2017No Comments

Spatial digital projection system Most three-dimensional displays create pseudo-3D images on 2D planes by taking advantage of a perceptual phenomenon called human binocular disparity. However,


Interactive surface with augmented acoustics Contact transforms any

Jul 16, 2017


Illuminated responsive water screens Flow is an art

Apr 09, 2017

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