Nov 16, 2009No Comments

Sound-, light-, and air-pollution-absorbing highway barrier system In the United States there are over 46,800 miles (75,317 kilometers) of highways with sound-barrier walls being erected


Fiber-reinforced 100%-recycled-glass precast concrete According to Meld, over

Oct 07, 2009

Eterno Luminoso &...

Photoluminescent and fluorescent terrazzo Eterno Luminoso and Lumineo

Aug 23, 2009



Nov 22, 2009No Comments

Fused-stone and protective-glass composite The Fusionstone proprietary process involves ultra-clear glass permanently fused to exotic stone slabs to achieve superior surface protection while retaining and

Kerrigan Architectur...

High-relief ceramic forms Kerrigan ceramic architectural tiles are

May 20, 2009

Tactile Ceramics

Biomorphic porcelain sculptures Ikuko Iwamoto’s work is influenced

Nov 16, 2008


Live Within Skin

Dec 05, 2009No Comments

Vertical-garden wall system Live Within Skin is a wall system comprised of engineered layers of lightweight plant growth medium. Designed by Greenmeme ecological designer Freya


Shape-transforming lighting fixture Like the Lotus flower, which

Nov 11, 2009


Sound-responsive wall Inspired by the natural phenomenon of

Oct 29, 2009


Fortis Arbor

Nov 05, 2009No Comments

Wood mosaic tiles Fortis Arbor wood mosaics are made by shaping and finishing exotic hardwoods made from plantation-grown lumber. The tiles are handcrafted from solid


Acrylic-infused wood WoodSure is natural wood that has

Oct 21, 2009


Bamboo and coconut-palm strips with a cloth backing

Sep 18, 2009

Plastic + Rubber

Self-Healing Polymers

Dec 27, 2009No Comments

A structural polymeric material with the ability to autonomically heal cracks Structural polymers are susceptible to damage: cracks form deep within the structure where detection

Revelation Screen

Etched plastic panels laminated with color changing films

Dec 16, 2009

100 Percent

Compressed 100% postconsumer recycled HDPE 100 Percent is

Nov 25, 2009


Vector Glass

Dec 12, 2009No Comments

Glass with vector graphics of embedded air Vector Glass combines the the precision of digital fabrication with the serendipity of handmade, kiln-formed glass. PadLAb works

Convex Glass

Dimensional glass panels Convex Glass was produced and

Dec 08, 2009


Self-cleaning glass Pilkington’s Activ glass uses the power

Sep 02, 2009

Paint + Paper

Self-Structured Sliding Doors

Dec 01, 2009No Comments

Self-supporting paper screens Traditional Japanese shoji are sliding doors made of washi paper supported by wood crosspieces. The paper offers privacy and protection from wind


Expandable and stackable paper seating Softseating is made

Nov 02, 2009

Disposable Office

Recyclable recycled furniture The value of paper is

Sep 01, 2009


Felt Rocks

Dec 09, 2009No Comments

Recycled-wool sculptural rocks Molo design’s Felt Rocks are part discovery, part invention. In their raw form, they are lumps of felt formed as a byproduct


Modular decorative tiles utilizing brush-making technology Tactile and

Nov 20, 2009

Sonic Fabric

Audible upholstery woven of recycled cassette tape Artist

Oct 14, 2009


WET Lamp

Dec 23, 2009No Comments

Water-filled glass lamp with manual dimmer According to Los Angeles-based NONdesigns, water and electricity have become friends. WET Lamp is an elegant and playful series

Mirror Duct System

High-efficiency daylighting system A significant portion of building

Oct 10, 2009

3D Display Cube

LED spatial display unit 3D Display Cube is

Jul 18, 2009


River Glow

Nov 27, 2009No Comments

Network of floating pods with public interface to water quality Developed by David Benjamin and Soo-in Yang, River Glow is a system of floating pods

White Noise White Li...

Interactive fiber-optic field Meejin Yoon’s White Noise White

Nov 24, 2009

Low Rez LED Net

Interactive double-sided LED media net Low Rez LED

Oct 18, 2009

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