Self-Repairing Concrete

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Anti-corrosion, anti-cracking concrete The making of cement—the main ingredient in concrete—produces 8-10% of the world’s CO2. In fact, making one ton of cement generates one


Cement based eco-composite Xposed is a refined cement-based

Mar 25, 2017


Light-transmitting concrete Litracon, a light-transmitting concrete developed by

Mar 25, 2017


Fly Ash Panels

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Fly ash building components Fly ash is the waste product of burning coal that is largely comprised of carbon and contains many heavy metals. Fly

Self-Repairing Compo...

Ultralight graphite polymer composites Aircraft and marine vessels

Mar 26, 2017


Flexible natural shell surface covering Flexipane is a

Mar 25, 2017


No-Limit Panels

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3D sheet metal panels Rubber pad–based metal forming is a technique developed by the aerospace industry. Metaalwarenfabriek Phoenix applies this technique to manufacture double curved

Photo-Engraved Aluminu...

Aluminum panel with permanent photographic transfer The focus

Mar 25, 2017

Expanding Helicoid

Angulated scissor linkage Beginning as a tight cluster,

Mar 23, 2017


Kirei Bamboo

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Bamboo panels Kirei Bamboo is an eco-friendly modern millwork material manufactured from the fast-growing trunks of the Moso Bamboo grass with a low-or-no-added-urea-formaldehyde adhesive. Bamboo

Kirei WheatBoard

Eco-friendly MDF alternative Kirei WheatBoard was developed as

Mar 25, 2017


Kebonized wood based on pine, maple and beech

Mar 25, 2017

Plastic + Rubber

Self-Repairing Matrices

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Self-Repairing and Sensing Matrices The fact that structural damage can go undetected in many materials means that some products are often over-engineered. However, substances that

Topiary Tile

Flexible light and sound cushioning material When the

Mar 25, 2017


Rotomolded sleep chamber Narco is a cell for

Mar 25, 2017



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Textured dichroic cast glass Fusion incorporates the iridescent color features of dichroic glass with clear or low iron options. Fissures and air bubbles also become


Layered cast glass Named after the way each

Mar 26, 2017

Northern Lights

Thermochromic glass Northern Lights is a glass product

Mar 26, 2017

Paint + Paper


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Sound responsive wall modules The NONdesigns SOUND Wall, designed by Scott Franklin and Miao Miao, is a modular system of interactive tiles used to create

Pulp-Based Computing

Paper electronics Pulp-Based Computing is a fabrication technique

Mar 26, 2017

Helicone HC

Liquid crystal effect pigments Unlike commonly known inorganic-effect

Mar 25, 2017



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Electronically-controlled textile Shutters is a shape-changing permeable textile for environmental control and communication. It consists of a curtain composed of actuated louvers that can be

Loop by the Yard

Do-it-yourself textile material Loop By the Yard is

Mar 26, 2017

Woven Horsehair

Textiles from horse hair weavings Marianne Kemp develops

Mar 25, 2017



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Interactive color changing light The Flip light is a fun and tactile new luminaire that changes color when it rotates. With no cords to tie

JELLY fish

Sound responsive light object The JELLY fish are

Mar 26, 2017


Interactive lighting modules Mitosis is a modular lighting

Mar 26, 2017


Liquid Display

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Ambient liquid-based screen The Liquid Display is an ambient display composed of a screen filled with liquid and programmed air bubbles. Developed by Nicolas Büchi,


Anisotropic textured surface Neri Oxman visualizes, analyzes and

Mar 26, 2017


Single shell photopolymer skin Monocoque stands for a

Mar 26, 2017

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