Breathe Brick

Dec 17, 2017No Comments

Air purifying concrete masonry system Breathe Brick is a masonry system that filters polluted outdoor air so that it becomes healthy enough to bring directly


Retroreflective concrete BlingCrete is a textile-reinforced concrete designed

Oct 15, 2017

Biological Concrete

Bio receptive concrete panels The Structural Technology Group

Aug 20, 2017



Nov 26, 2017No Comments

Graphene-based aerogel Aerogel is a type of material structure created when the liquid in a gel-based substance is replaced with a gas, resulting in an

Self-Healing Asphalt

Crack-repairing bitumen The asphalt binder in a roadbed

Sep 10, 2017


Biologically grown masonry The standard architectural material palette

May 07, 2017


Drawing Series

Jan 07, 2018No Comments

Sketch-based wireframe furniture When first encountering one of Korean designer Jinil Park’s Drawing series, the viewer is likely to see the work as a two-dimensional


Wind-responsive illuminated mesh Windscreen is a lightweight architectural

Dec 24, 2017

Photo-Engraved Aluminu...

Aluminum panel with permanent photographic transfer The focus

Oct 21, 2011



Dec 10, 2017No Comments

Seaweed insulation Throughout much of the year, Mediterranean beaches are littered with clumps of Posidonia oceanica seaweed, also known as Neptune grass. The plant often

Wood Foam

Wood-based insulation Researchers at the Brunswick, Germany–based Fraunhofer

Sep 03, 2017


Artichoke thistle chair The artichoke thistle is an

Aug 06, 2017

Plastic + Rubber

Fibonacci’s Mashrabiya

Jan 14, 2018No Comments

Fractal-based environmental screen Mashrabiya is an Arabic term for a type of bay window with carved wooden latticework. A traditional element of Arabic architecture, the


Variable vacuum-formed plastic Although vacuum-forming molds are typically

Oct 08, 2017

Landscapes Within

Hybrid plastic and wood furniture Landscapes Within is

Sep 17, 2017


Bar Code

Jan 06, 2018No Comments

Stratified glass light wall The Bar Code project celebrates the vibrant and kaleidoscopic interplay between material and media. Designed by Höweler and Yoon Architecture, Bar

Switchable Mirror

Electrochromic mirror window Researchers at Japan’s National Institute

May 21, 2017


3D-printed optically transparent glass From the discovery of

Feb 19, 2017

Paint + Paper

Propolis Vessels

Oct 01, 2017No Comments

Bio-resin coated receptacles Propolis is a biodegradable resin collected by honeybees for patching beehive openings. Its color varies with its particular botanical origins, although brown

Self-Folding Paper

Transformable polymer composite paper Self-Folding Paper is a

Jun 25, 2017

E Ink Prism

Programmable color ink tiles Buildings consist primarily of

May 14, 2017


Smart Bandage

Dec 03, 2017No Comments

Color-changing fibers for wound healing The smart bandage improves wound supervision by communicating healing problems, such as infection. Developed by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial


Sound-modulating architectural textile system Bloom is an acoustically

Nov 19, 2017


Multifunctional bacterial composite Bio-Fabrication is a collection of

Nov 12, 2017


Common Desk

Oct 29, 2017No Comments

Underlit work surface Pasadena, California-based NONdesigns has created the Common Desk, a surface with an unexpected approach to illumination. The collaborative work space is perforated

Ball Wall

Light-harvesting drawing surface The Ball Wall is an

Jul 09, 2017


Solar display interface LightByte is an interactive optical

Jun 11, 2017


Pneumatic Biomaterials Deposition

Oct 22, 2017No Comments

Water-based fabrication of biomaterial structures Researchers at MIT have realized a technique for printing gel-based structures modeled after the principles of biological construction. The water-based


Spatial digital projection system Most three-dimensional displays create

Jul 23, 2017


Interactive surface with augmented acoustics Contact transforms any

Jul 16, 2017

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